Dirt Bike vs. Motorcycle: The Difference According to Your Insurer

MotorcycleFor bike enthusiasts, dirt bikes and motorcycles are as different as cars and horses, but your bike is technically going to be considered a motorcycle by your insurer. That means your dirt bike could need to be covered under motorcycle insurance.

Your insurer also draws a line between dirt bikes and motorcycles in several other areas. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement in every state but New Hampshire. When it comes to dirt bikes — and ATVs, four-wheelers, and scooters, for that matter — coverage requirements will vary from state to state. Some states may require that you carry liability for your dirt bike, even if you only ride out in undeveloped areas where you’re unlikely to run into anyone else’s property.
  • Comprehensive and collision are generally less expensive. When you’re covering your own end, you can expect to pay premiums that correlate with the value of whatever it is that you’re protecting. Motorcycles are generally pricier to repair and replace than dirt bikes, and you’ll probably see that difference reflected in your insurance rates.
  • Dirt bikes are often considered lower-risk than motorcycles. This is often the case because, in many states, you’re not allowed to take dirt bikes on highways or city streets — meaning that collisions are less likely. Motorcycles are intended for the road. Dirt bikes are intended for the dirt.

Two things that motorcyclists don’t need to worry about, but which dirt bikers should be aware of: first, if you ride your dirt bike to the track on a street, you may find your insurance policy not covering any damages sustained on the trip. You might get ticketed, to boot, so it’s a good idea to invest in a trailer to get your bike there and back. Second, your insurer probably won’t cover racing and motocross events. Fortunately, the event organizers usually offer temporary insurance policies for all participants.

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