Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ 2021 UK review

1 Mercedes Benz EQS 2021 UK LHD FD hero front

More than just an electric S-Class equivalent, this is a first look at the future of every new Mercedes

The EQS isn’t just Mercedes-Benz’s first all-in, no-holds-barred EV, and this drive isn’t just a first look at the all-new electrified S-Class – although both would be reason enough to be excited.It’s also, as has long been the case with the brand’s flagship, a first taste of the technology that will shape all future Mercedes from here on in – meaning every prospective customer of the brand for the future should be excited to read on.It’s also our first chance to test this car in the UK, albeit still in a late prototype form, and too early even to have a definitive price list to hand.As such, we’re looking more to verify whether the early 4.5-star rating from our previous test was justified or generous, rather than seeking to discover if that last half star is available. Any hope of that ultimate accolade will have to wait until more extensive testing and full specification details are released next month.