Porsche 911 GTS 2021 review

Porsche 911 GTS frontrack

Perhaps not the very sweetest-handling 911 of the crop, but has outstanding dynamic versatility and body control, big-hitting real-world performance and, finally, a reason for being

It’s now more than a decade since Porsche introduced to its latest extra-special 911 derivative, the GTS – although you might wonder whether anyone, besides those who actually bought and sold them, really noticed at the time.  There were modern GTS models before the ‘997’, of course, in the Panamera and Cayenne showroom ranges – and there have been others since among the firm’s Macan and 718 models; so this is a complicated equation to consider. But is the 911 GTS really “a thing” yet?We anticipate and expect a new 911 GT3, don’t we – just as we do a Turbo, or even a whole new 911 model generation debut. But a 911 GTS? It feels almost like a mid-range trim level.Perhaps it won’t for very much longer, because Porsche has set about this new ‘992’ GTS with a good deal more intent than it did either of its predecessors. Just as before, there are new GTS versions of both the Carrera Coupe and Cabriolet, and of the Targa bodystyle. You can have one with either one driven axle or two; and eight automatically selected ‘PDK’ gear ratios or seven manually-shuffled ones for the same price.But while the last GTS was mechanically hardly any different than a Carrera S with optional ‘PASM Sport’ suspension and an engine power upgrade kit, the new one has upped its game, its price and its suspension specification each by notable hikes.